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Following concerns raised by several team captains at the September meeting about slow play in doubles frames, and the monitoring of situation during the month of September it was further disscussed at the October meeting and it was decided to introduce the following changes to the playing rules.

"If either captain feels that the play in any frame of doubles is too slow he can approach the other captain during that frame and ask him to ask his players to play quicker. If the play does not speed up shot timing will be introduced during the current frame. The following are guidelines for shot timing."

  1. A player has a maximum of sixty seconds to play each shot.
  2. The Referee will start timing when all balls have come to rest from the previous shot.
  3. If the first thirty seconds elapses before a shot is played, the referee will call "Thirty Seconds" as a warning to the player. This call must be made the instant the thirty seconds has expired. A Referee should not postpone the call because it appears that the player is about to play a shot.
  1. If a shot is not played within sixty seconds it is a Non-Standard Foul. The incoming player is awarded two visits from:-
  2. Where the Cue Ball lies, or, if the player wishes
  3. From Baulk.

Stop watches on mobile phones can be used and the timekeeper should come from the opposite team to the referee.

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